We are developing new workshops all the time –— ask us. Some of our most popular:

  • Lean 101 –— the concepts of Continuous Improvement including Toyota Kata
    A Canadian Classic used far and wide, adapted from one day to five
    90-minute remote sessions.
  • Introduction to the Improvement Kata – remote delivery
  • Kata-infused Kaizen —Jump start your kata practice with kaizen and learn the Improvement Kata at the same time.
  • Building Participation in Lean Teams
    This TeamTIme™ facilitator’s workshop teaches 36 facilitation techniques to build participation in teams learning to make improvements together.
  • Clear Language and Design for Ease of Reading
    Do busy people understand what you write at a glance? Do people who are not fluent readers get your message? Are you relying on free templates? Learn the basics of reading and make better written communication choices.