We want to make you smarter about learning.

TLFI The Learning Factor Inc.
Vancouver, BC Canada

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Tracy A. Defoe President

Facilitators and team leaders most often ask us for help with.

Quiet meetings where no one talks

Disruptive or negative team members

A sponsor or manager who undermines the team’s work or decisions

Getting participation from everyone, no matter what their position in the company

Getting more than one thing done at a time… ESL and Lean, problem-solving and teamwork, communication and diversity…

Can you fix our training? Lots of people know their training could be more engaging and stickier.They just need some expert help.

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We want to make you smarter about learning

Why ask for our help? Every organization has learning puzzles. We have a big tool box and lots of experience to help you understand and address learning at work. We can help you make learning faster, easier, and most important, sticky.