The Learning Factor

  • What is the Learning Factor?

    The learning factor is the part of a situation that snaps into focus when you put on educator glasses. And it’s a missing element in most plans for workplace change.


    Put on your educator glasses.

    Many plans for improvement at work fail because no one is paying attention to learning.

    In the big puzzle of workplace change, the learning factor is a varied piece of the human element. The how, what and why of learning. People learn all the time. Sometimes they learn what their managers are trying to convey, or the answers to their own questions, and sometimes they learn to keep their head low, or to wait and see.

    You might have a vision of the future. You might even know what has to happen, when, why and even how. But how will everyone learn these new ideas, new processes and technologies? How will the teams learn to work together? And how will you handle things as they ride the learning curve? Bringing learning factors into focus helps with all these concerns, and more.


  • now-learning

    Some of Tracy Defoe’s recent learning situations…

    Embedding anything in a work culture takes time and tests relationships.

    Clear Design and Plain Language, every organization seems to need to build capacity in inclusive communication.

    There are no substitutes for the basics – trust, collaboration and communication.

    Facilitating Hoshin Planning… now there’s a plan, how will we make it happen?

    Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Relations and Job Instruction… old-fashioned common sense meets the relentless follow-up of an improvement cycle.

    Kaizen Club… can a few dozen production workers learn lean manufacturing together, out of interest? And can they make a difference at work? Looks like they can.