March 2015

Kaizen Club – Learning at work in the news


Every second Wednesday, Kaizen Club meets at SeaStar Solutions in Richmond BC. I often describe learning at work as ‘pure learning, the front lines of adult education” where most of us learn things we really need to know, right now.

The people who come to Kaizen Club participate by choice, extending their work day before or after shift, to learn together. The time frame is slow and steady; the group membership is pretty stable. I have been co-faciliating Kaizen Club since it’s beginning and the people who come delight me.

They learn about the their work, the company and it’s products. They learn about the systems for production, and how to improve work by making it safer, easier, more stable, less frustrating and less stressful. And while they work on projects together, observing, working the problem-solving method, trying out ideas and reporting back, they also have practice in stretching their learning skills. They listen. They read and discuss. They write and explain. They present.  They ask good questions. They lead each other.  Kaizen Club is educational and inclusive.  I am glad to see SeaStar Solutions and Kaizen Club in the news.


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