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    • Lean is the short name for the “thinking production system” of a continuous improvement work culture associated with Toyota. Leadership, culture, participation and all kinds of skills come together for change — for the better. Tracy Defoe has been studying and supporting the learning in workplace lean transformations for over 10 years. TLFI can help you get started with lean, or get your lean journey back on track through Hoshin planning, Training Within Industry, or training you in lean team facilitation.
    • Tracy Defoe started her career as an English as an Additional Language instructor, and has a great interest in communication and inter-cultural communication.
    • Sometimes a little expertise in training design can prevent wasted efforts or training that is, if not boring, less than engaging. TLFI’s ‘fix our training’ service can bring the best practices in adult education to your training room. Delivery? We do that, too. And even better, we’ll help you learn to deliver yourself.
    • The Workplace Informal Learning Matrix is a free on-line tool from the Centre for Education and Work. Use the WILM to capture the learning in your workplace that is taken-for-granted and often hidden.  Ask us if you need help getting started or interpreting results.
    • If you need a picture of learning and communication, or a longer term training plan, an organizational needs assessment can provide directions and answers. Good needs assessments bring focus to training committees and voice to people who might otherwise never be heard. Sometimes a consultation, ideas and advice – and a little research or redesign – can renew your project.
    • We are developing new workshops all the time – ask us. Some of our most popular:

      • Facilitating Lean Teams
      • Getting more from crew meetings and town halls
      • Leveraging Diverse Communication Styles

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  • feedback

    “If you want to see your staff develop a sound understanding of ‘Learn” and at the same time improve their essential skills, I highly recommend you get to know Tracy Defoe. Her deep understanding of how people learn in the work place produces immediate and lasting results.”
    Ben Hume, President,  Sheppard’s Building Materials

    “Tracy Defoe makes learning enjoyable and provides it in a very practical way.  Her results are seen immediately – watching her facilitate and getting immediate results is like watching the rubber meeting the road.”
    Patti Berlinger, CHRP Human Resources Professional